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Choose Your Membership

NZMGA has a number of membership options, whether you are a looking for a handicap, already have a handicap or just want to be part of the crew!

Become a member today

Members of NZMGA will get access to a great range of golf tournaments held throughout the year as well as the much anticipated National tournament.

Not only will you have fun being part of the whanau playing the best game ever, but you will also get access to:
• NZMGA tournaments held throughout the year
• discounts on green fees at affiliated courses
• discounts on accommodation at selected places
• discounts on golfing goods
• discounts at selected stores around NZ
• have your say on how Maori golf moves ahead.

Go to the special offers page for more information.

Want to play but don't have a handicap

NZMGA has partnered with Taupo Golf Club to register players as full playing members with a maintained handicap. There is a 2 year stand-down rule, please read more below. Please allow 14 days for us to process your application.

Taupo Residents

If you live in the Taupo district and you are wanting to become a fully registered member with a handicap you must sign up directly with Taupo Golf Club.

Two year stand-down

If you are currently, or have in the past two years been a full playing member of a golf club affiliated with the NZ Golf Association, you will need written consent from that club before becoming a member of NZ Maori Golf. Please contact Mark Tito at for further details.